Analysis Of The Environmental Impact Of Using Gold Nanoparticles In Cosmetics

Analysis of the environmental impact of using gold nanoparticles in cosmetics

Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) and hydroxylated fullerene water complex (3HFWC) may be used as novel ingredients for cosmetic creams. A detailed environmental analysis was conducted for manufacturing cosmetic creams with these two ingredients. The study concentrated on the evaluation of the nanocomponents’ two raw materials, the consumption of power and water, which provided insight into the production process flows. The results of this inventory study give insight into possible changes that may be made in the manufacturing process of nanocomponents in order to lessen the environmental impact of producing new cosmetic creams. These findings will provide the basis for the second part of the investigation, which will include a life cycle analysis, assessing the environmental impacts of cream production from the acquisition of raw materials to the disposal of the final product.