Gold nanoparticles in an optical coating

Recycled Gold nanoparticles in optical coatings

Implementing gold nanoparticles in optical coatings causes visible light absorption and scattering effects, which can be used for blocking Ultra-Violet light, eliminating blue light from display monitors, or for decoration. A study was published where gold nanoparticles have been incorporated into a coating along with C60 fullerene on a commercially established eyewear product. The used gold nanoparticles were produced from recycling rapid lateral flow tests (LFIA), as these tests commonly use gold nanoparticles as test markers. The functional properties of the obtained gold nanoparticles and resulting coating were analysed with a number of analytical methods, for determining the light absorption and reflectance for blue and UV light. Reducing these light sources is known to relieve eye strain and improve the comfort and well-being benefits of using eyewear with these coatings.